Pledge to #sleephappy: Suffering Insomniac

Suffering Insomniac, here are your personalized #sleephappy tips from Dr. Meadows:

Make sleep a priority in your life. Take the Pledge to #sleephappy by incorporating some of the tips below into your bedtime ritual.


1. For a more restful night aim to have no more than 2-3 caffeinated drinks (tea, coffee and soda) per day and from mid-afternoon onwards; drink decaffeinated or herbal tea.

2. The physical tiredness that comes from simply living an active lifestyle is proven to deepen your sleep. Start being active by choosing to walk to your local shops, always using the stairs rather than the lift or going for a short walk everyday outside.

Evening Wind-down

3. Moving straight from the TV or checking your phone in bed keeps your brain busy, making it harder to fall asleep and leaves you experiencing lighter, non-restorative sleep. Aim to switch off all devices 45 minutes before going to bed and do calming activities such as reading or simply getting ready for the next day in order to tell your brain that sleep is on its way.

4. Your brain is a creature of habit; winding down and going to bed at roughly the same time every night keeps your body clock on time and promotes good quality sleep. Aim to find a regular bedtime that works for you and your life, which you can stick with the majority of the time.

Bedroom Environment

5. Having a comfortable sleeping environment increases the chance of having a great sleep. Make sure your bed is big enough for your needs - it’s important to be able to stretch out in the night. If you can, choose a comfortable mattress that doesn’t transmit movement (especially important if bed sharing) and that wicks heat away from your body. Find the perfect pillow to support your neck and bedding that feels inviting.

6. We sleep best in a quiet and dark room. Aim to prevent unwanted noise disturbing your sleep by blocking it out with good quality earplugs. Limit the effect of light especially in the summer months by using an eye mask or installing blackout blinds.
7. Scent can have a calming powerful impact on the senses, helping to transform our mood and so fragrance can play a role in creating a relaxing bedtime environment.


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8. We sleep in cycles lasting 1.5 to 2 hours long and naturally awake occasionally in the middle of the night. This occurs unconsciously and most of the time such awakenings allow the brain to ‘check for danger’ - an ancient evolutionary trait of humans!  If awake in the night, aim to stay in bed in the dark and quiet and enjoy the chance to rest your body and allow natural sleep to emerge once more.

9. Sleep is a natural physiological process that is out of your control and trying to ‘force it’ to occur often only pushes it further away. If this is the case for you, consult your Doctor to find the best way for you to start sleeping better.

Mind and Mood

10. Work and life worries are an inevitable part of life; however, how you respond to them determines the impact that they have on the quality of your sleep. If you’ve done all you can to resolve a problem externally, then all that is left to do is learning to let go internally. You can do this now by simply focusing your attention on the movement of your breath in order to bring your mind back into the present moment. If your worries return, thank them and then return back to listening to your breath - this will help untangle yourself from your worries.
11. Worrying about not sleeping and trying to get rid of such worries can inadvertently fuel night time wakefulness. Choose to change your relationship with such thoughts and therefore lessens the impact they have on you and your sleep. Aim to welcome any unwelcome thoughts you have with statements like “Thank you mind for this thought”. Doing so helps to defuse their power over you and prevents you from spending the night in a state of anxiety.
Febreze recommends:

Lavender scent has a relaxing biological effect on some people, and has been shown to lower heart rate and blood pressure and improve mood. Studies have also found that people exposed to the scent of lavender have an increase in deep sleep.
Try the New Febreze Sleep Serenity Moonlit Lavender to create a peaceful bedroom ambiance, helping you unwind and promoting a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Take the Pledge to #sleephappy

A few simple changes to your sleep habits, such as using scent as part of your bedtime routine, can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep and therefore your mood and alertness the next day.

So whether you’re Sleeping Royalty, a Walking Zombie or a Suffering Insomniac, try putting your sleep tips into practice today and start reclaiming the five hours and 26 minutes the average Brit spends struggling to get to sleep each week.

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I take the pledge to become #sleephappy I care for my disabled partner so the little sleep I do get I wish could be a lot better

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I would give anything to have a good night's sleep instead of feeling shattered all the time!

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I really struggle getting to sleep and often rely on sleeping tablets so will be giving this a go.

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Have tried many so called remedies to aid sleep non of them work, then I tried the frebreze serenity , I must say it worked and I felt like I had had a good nights sleep

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Im a suffering insomniac and am currently trying sleep serenity Lavender and loving it. I am getting to sleep easier and waking up refreshed not tired as usual. I definately reccomend it .

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