Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin

Smooth, soft sensitive skin; we’ve got the know-how to get you comfortable and confident.

The sensible approach to sensitive skin
Anyone can suffer from sensitive skin, regardless of age and complexion. Fortunately, you can help to reduce irritation and flare-ups by being kind and gentle to your skin.

This simple guide will help to smooth the way.

Taming the itch ouch triggers
Everyone’s skin is different, so it follows that a diverse range of triggers can provoke a flare up. However, there are some common causes that it might make sense to avoid.

For a start, steer clear of over-enthusiastic cleansing which can strip away the natural barrier intended to protect your skin. This applies to your body as well as your face, so look for a gentle soap or shower gel.

If your skin is feeling itchy and uncomfortable, loose clothing in natural fabrics such as cotton and silk are less likely to cause further irritation. But watch out for linen and wool, as while these also have natural credentials, they can be rough and itchy on sensitive skin.

Being proactive about prevention
When outdoors, protect your skin from sun exposure by covering up as much as possible and always use a sunscreen of at least SPF15.

Indoors, central heating and air conditioning can both be very drying, so try not to overdo it. Some swear by using a humidifier to prevent an over-dry indoor atmosphere, but placing a small bowl of water near belting winter radiators can also help. Just remember to keep an eye on thirsty pets.


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Enjoying the perks of pampering
Treating yourself to the occasional facial can help soothe sensitive skin. Be certain to tell the therapist about the particular issues you have with your complexion so that she can use appropriately gentle products that won’t cause flare-ups. Similarly, if you’re treating yourself to a home spa, check product details thoroughly to make sure they’re suitable for sensitive skin.

To complement the treats, remember that a little daily discipline is also required.

Removing make-up before bed and resisting the temptation to touch your face or play with necklace chains around your chin, can make a big difference. As can washing your pillowcases regularly in a gentle detergent.

Engaging with ageing
The three most important tips for looking after more mature skin are moisturise, moisturise and moisturise.

After bathing, apply a good face cream and a hard-working body cream to help lock in essential moisture. Wear a moisturiser with a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF15 every day, rain or shine. And choose a lip balm with – you guessed it – moisturiser, and wear it every day, even in winter.

Overall, your motto should be ‘gently does it’, whether you’re investing in the right skin care regime, or avoiding the extremes of heat and cold. Irritated or not, your skin will thank you for it.

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Just stated using fairy non bio for my skin, best thing I have ever done. No itching or rashes.

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I have sensitive skin and I find fairy powder works well for me and my family.

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My children and I have sensitive skin. Fairy is the only washing powder that we can use. The odd dabble n other washing powders just leaves to rashes. Fairy all the way for us.

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I only ever use fairy non bio it's the best for my child's skin. Any other laundry product makes my child's skin itchy, I'm always happy with the results with fairy non bio and with the sensitive fabric conditionr is amazing so soft and feels huggable like it says. I love it.

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