Smarter driving tips

Smarter driving tips

From school run traffic to holiday motorway driving, try these five savvy driving tips and you will feel like you’re in pole position every time

1. Practice defence driving
Racing champions are winners because they keep a cool head. Phones, eating and in-car entertainment are all distractions. Instead, be a defensive driver. Defensive driving is all about thinking ahead so you know what you need to do now and in 20-30 seconds’ time, but also anticipating what drivers around you will have to do next – often before they realise themselves!

2. Be consistent with driving speed
Steady, consistent speed is proven to be the best way to get to your destination in a reliable time. UK speed limits suit UK roads and traffic density, but off the motorways it can pay to go slower if the road ahead is unfamiliar. At faster speeds keep a longer distance from the car ahead. Try this: pick out a road sign ahead, when the car in front of you passes it, start counting slowly. If you pass the sign yourself less than 3 seconds later, you’re too close.

3. Take a break
Unless you’re sharing driving shifts, tiredness is a real danger. Opening a window to let fresh air in will only perk you up for so long. Take a break! A fifteen minute pit stop every two hours at least.

4. Be confident in bad weather
In bad weather, put your headlights on, slow down and resist the temptation to follow someone else too closely in case of having to brake suddenly. In wet weather braking distances double. Try to stick to one lane and keep both hands on the wheel ready for any sudden changes ahead of you.


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5. And finally… LOSE that competitive edge!
Now you’ve been inspired by the racing track, put that chequered flag out of your mind. If another driver tries to provoke you or gets too close behind you, simply move out of their way as soon as you can. Don’t flash your lights or beep your horn, instead get some distance between your car and theirs. It’s not worth it…

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