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Four surprising signs of sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is not always immediately obvious, and it can affect anyone – so here are the signs you and your family should look out for

Having sensitive skin isn’t just about coming out in a rash every time you use soap. In fact, most skin problems can be traced back to a sensitivity of some kind, and your skin needs to be treated as such.

It’s even trickier to spot skin sensitivity in children and your husband, as they may not be able to articulate what’s bothering them or, in the latter case, not want to come across as “unmanly” by admitting they have sensitive skin (ridiculous, we know, but sadly the norm).

If you or any of your family does suffer from a red, itchy rash it could be a skin disorder, so ask your doctor for the best treatment. Otherwise read on for other symptoms of sensitive skin and how you can prevent them.

1. Dry, flaky skin

You may think you’ve simply been cursed with dry skin, but you could actually be causing the flakiness with the products you’re using.

Children’s skin, for example, can be more sensitive to fabrics and strong washing detergents, so wash their clothes and bed linens in Fairy Non-Bio. And there’s no need to wash your and your husband’s laundry separately, as Fairy Non-Bio is great for keeping your sensitive skin happy, too.

2. A stinging or burning sensation

If your skin stings or feels like it’s burning when you apply a product, such as a lotion, deodorant, soap or fragrance, your skin is reacting to a chemical found in the product.


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Stop using it and look for a sensitive alternative, such as Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid for Sensitive Skin. Fragrance-free options are also less likely to cause discomfort.

3. Pimple breakouts

Bouts of small, red pimples could be down to skin sensitivity. Your husband or teenage son may find this is particularly common after a shave.

If so, recommend they shave using Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive 2-in-1 Shave Gel. If the spots linger, it could be acne, which should be treated by a dermatologist.

4. Sunburn

If you burn easily, it could be because your skin is sensitive so you have to be extra cautious in the sun.

Always wear SPF30 or above on exposed parts of the skin if you’re going outside, and switch your moisturiser for one with SPF, such as Olay Complete 3-in-1 Sensitive Day Moisturiser with SPF15, so your skin has a level of protection all year round.

Do you or does anyone in your family suffer with sensitive skin? Let us know in the comments section below.

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