3 simple drinks to help you sleep

Lack of sleep is part of many women’s lives. Here are a few recipes for delicious drinks to naturally help you sleep better.

Adding a warm drink to your bedtime routine can make a big difference. Why not try our other ideas – How to get a good night's sleep – for helping you get a good night’s rest, too?

Cherry smoothie

Cherries have a high concentration in melatonin (the sleep hormone) so they can be a good natural way to help your rest cycles. Use fresh cherries with the stones taken out or frozen pitted cherries, not glacé cherries in syrup.

•Take 20 pitted cherries and two tablespoons of yoghurt.
•Put these in a blender and whizz up until smooth.
•Pour out and enjoy!

Vanilla milk

Milk is rich in calming calcium and tryptophan (which the body converts to the sleep-inducing hormone serotonin), and the scent of vanilla is associated with relieving stress and anxiety, so this is great for winding down at the end of the day.

•Cut a vanilla pod in two.
•Place it in a glass and pour hot milk over it.
•Add a teaspoon of cinnamon to taste.


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Mint Infusion

A mint infusion is great to drink before going to bed because of its relaxing and digestive effects, and is a lovely alternative to chamomile tea.

•Take a handful of washed fresh mint sprigs and roll the back of a spoon over them to ‘bruise’ them (this helps release the flavour).
•Put these in a mug and pour over freshly boiled water.
•Leave to stand for a couple of minutes then strain the water into a glass. Add a little honey to taste, if you like it a little sweet.

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After seeing your drinks tip for sleeping I'd like to add that simple squash in warm water can help and bananas can be a great sleep aid as the slowly release their potassium overnight...

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I often have cinnamon milk; just hot milk with half a teaspoon of cinnamon (add sugar or honey to taste). Cheap, delicious and always helps me down the winding path to the land of nod!

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I agree totally, buy this tea at Sainsburys and it is both soothing and calming, love it, also coated my salmon fillet with salt,pepper and chamomile tea from tea-bag and pan fried it and my daughter an I both agree it was so tasty, try it...Gerry in Coventry.

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X100 JAC

X100 JAC


often tried just hot milk but the vanilla milk ticks all the box's and works

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Ohhhh finally milk sounds delicious I must give this a try :) thanks for tips!

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