Throwing the perfect teenage slumber party

Throwing the perfect teenage slumber party

If the prospect of hosting a ‘funsie onesie’ party fills you with horror, take a look at these been-there survived-that tips for keeping teenagers happy.

Make it easy. Order in pizza and use paper plates to save on the washing up. Or buy some pizza bases and a load of toppings and let everyone make their own.

Have a real ‘treat’ pudding. If you’re lucky enough to have a chocolate fountain, fire it up and use kebab sticks to spear marshmallow and strawberries for ease of smothering. If not, get a big tub of vanilla ice cream and load up on sweets. Put the sweets into individual bowls to improvise your own ice cream factory. Forget ‘less is more’. More is definitely more when it comes to feeding hungry teens.

Stock up on sophisticated fizz such as flavored waters and fruit punches. Make plenty of ice and use plastic versions of posh glasses.

Younger teens might like little cocktail umbrellas and drinks charms while others will find them naff. Ask first to avoid the rolling eyes.

Films are great and easy to get hold of via LoveFilm, Netflix and the like, but keep a wary eye out for unsuitable content and make sure any viewing is age appropriate.

Midnight feast
Even if they’ve had generous second helpings of dinner and dessert, most teenagers wouldn’t say no to a midnight feast.


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If you fancy it, make up individual bags of old fashioned sweets bulked out with large marshmallows. Crisps, tortilla chips and popcorn are also good to have on standby.

Alternatively, try to get hold of some packs of Beanboozled; boxes of jelly beans with ‘nasty doubles’. For example, identical Chocolate Pudding and Canned Dog Food flavour, matching Strawberry Jam and Centipede flavour and can’t tell the difference Coconut and Baby Wipe flavour- Disgustingly funny.

You need your sleep so set an ‘I don’t want to hear you after X o’clock’ deadline.

Of course, they’re going to keep chatting/playing computer games/watching movies/beat boxing, but they can do it quietly or at the other end of the house.

Don’t worry too much if they have the odd late night, but try not to let them make a habit of it. To get a good indication of how many hours of sleep your child needs, see the NHS website.

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