Travel advice – first aid

Travel advice - first aid

Travel advice to help you prepare for any mishaps on your holidays.

If you have any serious medical concerns make an appointment with the doctor or nurse at your local surgery or clinic before you go. Make a note of what is provided by local pharmacies and hospitals at the place you’re visiting so you can plan your travel first aid kit accordingly. 

First steps
  • Think about your family’s health needs and make sure you’ve stocked up on any new medication you might need while you’re away.
  • Think about where you’re going. If you’re staying near a town there’s no need to overload your luggage, but if you’re camping in a rural retreat you might need a better stock of insect bite creams!
  • If you’re travelling far, think in advance about any travel vaccinations you might need.
  • If you’re travelling within Europe, get a FREE EHIC card which allows you to claim European healthcare either for less or for free, while you’re away. Find out more at the NHS website.


What to pack
  • First aid basics like a few antiseptic wipes, plasters, pain killers and a rehydration treatment like Dioralyte and laxatives in case of upset stomachs.
  • If you’re travelling with children, pack their preferred cough or pain relief medicines in case you need these and your kids don’t like the flavour of local equivalents.
  • Travel sickness treatments – unlike most of the rest of your first aid kit, this needs to be carried in hand luggage, so make sure any bottle size meets safety limits or stick to travel wristbands.
  • Pack tweezers or small scissors into your hold luggage – these won’t be allowed in an aeroplane cabin.
  • Sun cream or lotion – a family of four should easily get through a couple of bottles of sun protection in bright and sunny conditions on an average summer holiday if they’re applying it correctly!

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 NB: Make sure to check that there are no restrictions on taking medications into the country you are visiting.

Savvy tip
Don’t forget medicines have sell-by dates. Buy small bottles and pots and use them up when you get home as needed, instead of packing them away for next year’s summer holidays.

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None drowsy allergy pills is a good idea to. Some countries need a prescription for this. If you travelling to another hemisphere take note that seasons change and this might effect you.

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