Turning bad hair days into good ones

Everyone has their hair hang ups. Ask most women and they’ll say they’ve had theirs long, short, black or red

– with the occasional grey making an appearance too.

For Dawn O’ Porter long hair was pointless as she never wanted to wear it down. After a few years she took a big leap and cut it all off – an inch all over and dyed bright red. Even though she thought dramatic hair was the answer to her wavering self-confidence, she soon felt invisible as friends hardly recognised her.

Fast forward a few months and her short hair grew into an elegant bob that gave her confidence and made her feel like herself again. “It’s the same hairstyle I had when I was five and I imagine I’ll have it forever. But despite my love for it, some people really hate it. But what are you to do when you feel the hairstyle you have represents you best and makes you feel most comfortable in yourself? The answer of course, is ignore what people say and just enjoy it.”


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Although Dawn lives by this motto every day, the pressure of what people say can mean a bad hair day makes her doubt herself at times.  So to keep these moments to the minimum and look her best under the public’s scrutiny, she simply turns up the volume with head & shoulders’ Extra Thickening Treatment. Formulated to fight fine hair with a Triple Active Complex ingredient mix, this treatment strengthens the hair fibre from the root and offers an instant volume boost.

For Dawn a bob is all about thickness and volume, so she maintains a good volumising shampoo regime and uses her back brushing skills to do the rest. “For me it’s about working out a low maintenance routine that keeps my hair bouncy and thick at all times. That and doing my best to not care about what people think of course… but there is no shampoo for that!”

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