5 family fun recipes for kids *

When it’s raining outside, keep the children busy and get dinner sorted at the same time. *Ensure that children are supervised in the kitchen at all times.

Getting kids involved in the kitchen can often encourage them to try new foods and bring everyone together for quality time.

Quick ideas for cooking games

Colour my dinner
Get your child to decide on a colour, then together dream up a meal using foods that are only green, or red or even white. Use a dash of food colouring to create gooey looking blue spaghetti, or try red colouring in pastry for a homemade pie.

Rainy day picnic
For small children, simply changing the scenery can be a lovely treat. Create teatime foods you can pack in a picnic basket, get the kids to lay out a big blanket (one that will catch any mess) in the lounge, and forget about polite eating at a table for once.

Recipes to try

DIY diner with a delicious beef burger recipe
Homemade burgers are really easy to prepare (just stir up a packet of fresh mince so the fat is well distributed, get the kids to season and shape their own patties, then a grown-up can grill or lightly fry them). Package the meal with coloured paper and plastic cups for a funky takeaway effect.

Pizza letters
Get the kids weighing and stirring: 300g strong bread flour, 1 tsp instant yeast, 1 tsp salt and 1 tbsp olive oil mixed with 200ml warm water. Knead the sticky dough then roll this out and spell their names with letter shapes. Let these sit under a clean tea towel for a few minutes while you prepare toppings – chopped tomatoes, grated cheese, cubed ham, etc. Bake at 220°C (gas mark 8) for 8-10 minutes.


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Anything goes soup
Let your child choose what they fancy from the fridge – soup can be made from most things. (Even meats like skinned, boneless chicken or small cuts of lamb can be panfried before adding to the other ingredients). Popular choices include butternut squash soup and mushroom soup. Just chop everything, slow cook it with stock for 30-40 minutes, then blend it up and serve.

Great cook books for kids

Different chefs suit different tastes, so before buying a recipe book, check a few out at your local library.


  • ‘Eat Up’ by Mark Hix, Fourth Estate
  • ‘My First Cookbook’ by Annabel Karmel, Ebury Press
  • ‘A First Cook Book for Children’ by Evelyne Johnson, Dover.

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My son loves helping out in the kitchen, he's only 3 but always rushes to help when I'm cooking. I let him mix sauces and batters, or add finishing touches to meals. He always makes his own pizza and chooses what toppings he wants. I let him cut out biscuit shapes and sprinkle them with seeds or raisins. Soup is also one of his favourite food and we make it at least 3 times a week :)

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Colour food idea is fab will use that with the little ones. They love soup too will give it a go

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Anything goes soup is fantastic I love soup lol

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