Real Mums: can’t-fail dishes for kids

Real Mums: can’t-fail dishes for kids

Try something new with these tried and tested teatime dishes.

We asked the experts – the kids who do the eating and the mums and dads who are happy to see cleared plates come back from the table.

5 can’t-fail dishes for kids

Charlie, 11:
Special fried rice with egg, courgettes, peas, sweetcorn, ham, prawns. I can eat it really quickly if I’m busy doing stuff.
Fiona, mum:
I’ve taken a SuperSavvyMe vote in our kitchen – favourites are baked potato, beans and cheese; lasagne with salad (vinegar and olive oil dressing makes the lettuce sweeter); and good old poached egg on toast.

Ace, 7:

Salmon fish balls..... I love them with peas – they’re not too fishy and it’s fun making them.
Katy, mum:
So easy – one tin of salmon, one egg, and Matzo Meal, mixed and rolled into balls.

Tommy, 10:
Tortillas with salsa, guacamole, refried beans, cheese, chicken fajita. I have chicken and salsa with loads of cheese.
Bridget, mum:
I decided my boys are so unadventurous because I don’t give them the opportunity, so we’ve gone Mexican!


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Mae, 8:
Sausage volcano – I make the mash and put sausages sticking in the top with spaghetti hoops down the sides.
Andy, dad:
Pork chipolatas are quick to cook and not too chunky for my daughter. The ‘lava’ can be hoops, baked beans or even a homemade tomato sauce (tin of tomatoes and veg cooked then blended for the kids’ five a day).

Charlie, 11:
Shepherd’s pie –mum makes the topping with sweet and normal potatoes and sweetcorn.
Fiona, mum:
For pudding all kids love pancakes with Nutella and banana, or lemon and sugar, or maple syrup. Fun for them to make, too.

Savvy tip

Bridget says: With dishes that kids can put together themselves, I find even more cautious eaters decorate something like tortillas or veggie mash with cucumber, cheese and tomato, so everyone’s happy.

Pass it on – best-odds pizza

Pizza’s easy but choose a thin-crust as it is less fatty than deep pan, with chicken or tuna topping rather than pepperoni or too much cheese. Serve with jacket potato rather than fries.

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