Spooky cupcake decorating ideas

Create ghoulish Halloween cupcakes to hand out to trick or treaters, or for a Halloween party.

Make or buy basic fairy cakes or muffins, then have fun decorating them with some super-effective, gory looking Halloween toppings. Here are 5 of our favourite Halloween cupcake ideas:

Monster’s eyeballs

  • Start with white icing.
  • Put a blob of yellow icing in the middle of the cake top and a smaller black dot of icing in the middle of this.
  • Use red writing icing to add wiggly lines radiating out from the yellow ‘iris’ so the eyes look horribly bloodshot.

Rotten pumpkin cupcakes

  • Mix butter icing and add orange food colouring.
  • Use a darker writing icing to add fine curved lines to make it look like a bulging pumpkin.
  • Create a black ‘hole’ with writing icing then either draw on a wriggly worm or make a worm shape out of ready-to-roll icing so the cake looks infested – yeuch!

Cobweb cakes


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  • Start with white icing base.
  • Let this dry and use black writing icing to create a central circle then draw lines radiating outwards.
  • Use the same colour to draw on curved links between each line. It instantly looks like a really cool spider’s web!

Toothy grins

  • Top each cake with pink icing.
  • Get ready-to-roll icing and shape two red lips for the top of each cake.
  • Use white mini marshmallows to create goofy teeth inside each crazy mouth. For added gooiness add a splodge of jam as a yucky tongue.


  • Cut the top off each fairy cake and carefully cut this into two semi-circles as you would if you were making butterfly cakes.
  • Top each cake with black coloured butter icing and sit the two cut halves on top at angles, sticking up like bat’s ears.
  • Get little round yellow or orange sweets (Jelly Tots are ideal) and position these on the icing to look like eyes.

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