10 easy ways to pamper yourself

10 easy ways to pamper yourself

There are lots of everyday ways you can give yourself a much-deserved lift. Here’s how to get some me time and pamper yourself.

Take care of yourself and you’ll get the boost you need to take care of the rest of the family.

1. Making time to be good to yourself
The secret to pampering success is to build the habits into your week so they become effortless experiences you can look forward to without worrying about getting something else done. But if you can’t begin to imagine where you’re going to find time to enjoy this indulgence, start by reading our useful article Finding 30 minutes each day for yourself.

2. Make a jug of your favourite smoothie
… or a jug of fresh water with sliced lemon and cucumber. Put it in the fridge, then throughout the day pour yourself a refreshing glass for delicious little five-minute pit-stops.

2. Choose mood-boosting foods
Read our Mood food article and you’ll see why simple snackable treats like raspberries, pineapple and chocolate can all give you a boost.

Pineapple – mocktails

Chilli – chilli con carne recipe

Coriander and parsley – power soups recipes

Chocolate – homemade choc-nut snack bars


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3. Take a long, leisurely bath
Whether you take an invigorating morning shower singing along to your favourite pop radio station or you relax in a deep bath scented with oils, try to relax at a time when the rest of the family is out so you’re not interrupted by knocks on the door. Here are our easy tips for Turning your bath time into a ‘spa break’.

4. Lunch around the world
At work or at home, there’s rarely budget for dining out at lunchtime, but why not have a treat once a month? Choose a different cuisine each time and pick somewhere local where you can meet friends – eating out locally is usually much cheaper than eating in the centre of town.

5. Give yourself a body rub
There’s no need to make an expensive appointment at the beauty salon to give your skin some love. Everyday massaging can make a huge difference to your skin’s health and feel. From your face and neck to your legs and toes, check out our useful tips on How to pamper stressed out skin and How to give your feet a treat.

6. Host a tea party
It could be that you simply brew a pot of tea and share a pack of biscuits, but actually it’s really not hard to turn a get-together after school pick-up time into a quick fix of lovely downtime. If it’s a friend’s birthday, why not try one of our Chic afternoon tea ideas?

7. Practice relaxation exercises
There are easy Pilates, yoga and tai chi moves you can try at home, even when you’ve only got a few minutes to spare. Try them before you get dressed or at a time each day when you know everyone else is out or busy watching the TV news or playing games. Check out these suggestions for Stress relief exercises and see how much more refreshed you feel.

8. Road-test a brand new look
We all love to change our look once in a while, so give our Five tips for trying a new style a go, and keep in touch with the latest trends on our Beauty Recommended pages.

9. Keep supper simple
Whether you usually have to make tea once you come home from work or after the kids’ bathtime, it’s almost always a chore, no matter how much tastier home-cooked dinners are. Earn yourself some extra time to read a magazine or call a friend by spending just a little more time prepping freezable meals at the weekend or by making great simple meals. Try these articles: A week’s dinners in two hours and 10 great meals from three ingredients.

10. Create the best bedtime routine
Several studies have shown how good sleep benefits our overall health. Researchers at the University of Surrey found that bad sleep affects genetic behaviour, and can have a negative impact on the immune system and the body’s ability to deal with repair and stress. A regular routine before bed is key for getting quality rest at night. Make yourself a warming drink every night as you start to wind down, fill the air with soothing aromas and ease into a thoroughly relaxed state with our 10 tips for the ideal bedtime routine .

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The pampering ideas are just what I need at this time of year. The weather is grey and miserable but a pamper should brighten me up in time for Valentine's day! Thank you.

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I loved this blog post! I will defiantly be using these tips in the future. I also find if I have a clean environment, I usually find it quite calming. Mess causes stress!

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