Planning to start 2015 with a bang?

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With 2015 in full swing, hopefully you’re still sticking to your resolutions. Did any of yours make our list?

Get on the right track
Hitting the gym doesn’t come easy for everyone. We all have busy lives and already spend a fair amount of them running around. So to visit a purpose built place to do exactly that again and pay for the privilege can seem like a waste of time.
That said, although we may not be signing up for a triathlon anytime soon, a renewed dedication to exercise will have us feeling better in the long run.

Two’s company
We can all be guilty of losing touch with our friends as we come up against those daily distractions. Believe or not, liking a Facebook status does not count as meaningful human interaction. So it’s good to get a date in the diary for a catch up with those that know us best. It’s nice to have something fun to look forward to and it’s almost guaranteed to make you feel better, even if it’s a quick chat over coffee.

Be more decisive
…We’ll come back to this one.


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Get on to a good thing
We don’t mean to get all new age hippy on you, but doing good feels good.
There’s always something thoughtful that we can do to make someone else’s day. Usually it doesn’t even have to be something big. We are not suggesting that you walk the streets handing perfect strangers envelopes of cash. Start with a smile and a compliment and work from there…
However, if you are related to Bill Gates, give the envelope idea a go.

Easy does it
This one is easier said than done. There is always potential for stress and worry. What’s important is trying to actively make the choice to focus on all the good stuff that’s around you. It can be as simple as hearing about your loved one’s day over dinner or (if you use Tide) the sights and smells of freshly cleaned laundry!

What better way to get your year off to a fresh start than with some fresh clothes... For a great laundry, leave it to Tide!

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