Are you at home behind the wheel?

Some people spend more time driving their car than they do socialising, so isn’t it time we started to treat our cars as miniature homes-away-from-home?

These days people aren’t just using cars to get from A to B. Pressures on our time, new mobile technology and changing lifestyles mean that these days a car might be where we apply our make-up, have a meeting or simply go on a long drive to mull over a life-changing decision.

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No matter how much or how little time we spend in our cars each week, it’s important to feel comfortable and relaxed when you’re driving or as a passenger.

Keep it fresh– last week’s takeaway, a wet day dog-walking at the park, leaky windows creating a musty smell in winter, it can all add up! Unlike some other car air fresheners, clip-on Febreze car air freshener are specially designed to neutralize smell rather than simply masking them.

Keep it clean – treat your car like another room in your home. A few simple-to-use wipes and a quick (and regular) vacuum will make every journey a pleasure.

Keep it gorgeous – having eradicated existing smells, the Febreze Car clip-on air freshener range can fill your car with wonderful aromas. The range includes fruity, woody and airy scents to suit all tastes. Unlike many other car fragrances, febreze car air freshener clip-ons are designed so you can adjust how much scent is being given out at any time, so you can make yourself feel truly at home.

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