Choosing the best female protection for you

When it comes to female protection products, you have a choice between tampons and sanitary pads. Both of these come in a wide range of absorbencies and sizes, and you can start using both from the first day of menstruation.

Sanitary pads

You wear pads externally in your underwear and it’s normally a good idea to use them for your first few cycles. They are easy to get used to and help you learn more about your menstrual flow – you’ll find out when is it the heaviest or lightest and how often you need to change the pad. Always has a wide range of pads available to suit just about every body shape, preference and individual need.

Once you understand your menstrual flow, you can use this information to choose tampons for each day of your cycle too.


Tampons are worn inside the vagina and are designed to absorb menstrual blood at the source, before it leaves your body. These help prevent blood from getting on your underwear and make it easier to take part in your day-to-day activities like sport or dancing. Tampons are invisible protection and the ideal solution when you’re wearing a tight skirt or bathing suit. It’s important to change tampons regularly to avoid leaks.


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To make it easier to insert a tampon, you can opt for one with an applicator. One example is Tampax Pearl® Plastic tampons with a smooth and rounded applicator. If you find it stressful to insert a tampon, it’s best to use a pad until you are ready to take the next step.

If your daughter is starting to use tampons, take a look at our answers to the most popular questions here.

Pads and tampons

Once you get used to using tampons and sanitary pads, you might find that a combination of both works best for you. This is especially useful if you’ve just started using tampons. You can also choose from a range of Always panty liners to keep you fresh day in and day out.

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