Choosing the right razor for your daughter

Help her find the right razor and she’ll quickly learn how to get a good finish and great looking skin.

It’s not always easy to know the right thing to say at the right time when your children are growing up, so you’ll find tips on helping your daughter take this next step if you check out Shaving – is my daughter ready?

What razor is right for my daughter?

1. Choose a women’s razor rather than using a regular men’s razor. For example, some Gillette Venus razors have rounded, pivoting heads for effective hair removal. These make it easy to shave ankles, behind the knees and underarms.

2. Look for added features like the Gillette Venus Ribbon of Moisture and a curvy  SoftGrip handle. Dry shaving may not be kind to your daughter’s skin and can pull the hairs so look for shaving gel – wet shaving is quick, easy and effective because it helps the razor glide smoothly over her skin. For those who are new to shaving, the Venus ProSkin is ideal because it gives a close shave whilst still protecting the skin, and the Venus ProSkin Sensitive features an extra-rich Ribbon of Moisture. Or why not try the Venus & Olay razor that has integrated shave gel bars? It makes shaving easy so there’s no need for separate shaving gel


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3. Make sure it’s a razor that’s just for her. Sharing razors is not hygienic and the razor blade will wear out sooner from all the extra use.

What next?

To find the right Venus razor for her, try the Venus Product Finder. Answer a few simple questions, and it’ll help her choose a women’s razor for her beauty needs.

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