Create a romantic mood for Valentine’s Day and get fresh!

Nothing dampens the amorous flames of a romantic setting quicker than a bad smell, whether it’s the whether it's the lingering aroma of last night's fish dinner or the smell of your sweaty gym gear.

Luckily, we have some great tips and tricks to help you create that oh-so-romantic ambience for you, your special someone, and Cupid.

Blooming lovely

Choose flowers that symbolise your relationship or gather up a handful of pretty wildflowers – it’ll set a romantic tone and show that you’ve made an effort.

Dim the lights

Everyone looks better in low, muted light. It’s flattering and creates an intimate, cosy setting. If you don’t have dimmers, try using a small desk lamp or bedside table lamp for more intimate lighting. Just make sure that you can still see each other.


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Say it with scent

Give the night a subtle nudge along by infusing the space with scents that set the mood. Try using an Ambi Pur plug-in – it eliminates unwanted smells instead of merely masking them, and it infuses the area with a delicate, refreshing fragrance.

Candlelight centerpiece

Create a simple, charming centrepiece by arranging a cluster of candles in varying sizes. Just make sure the candles aren’t too tall; you want to be able to see your date.

Create a romantic ambience for Valentine’s Day and get fresh!

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