creating fun in your day

Time for me: creating fun in your day

Little ways to take time to yourself so you can brighten everyday life without splashing the cash.

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We all know that work, life and kids can take up most of every day, and for us responsible adults, that’s as it should be. But doing things that make us happy and finding ways to relax is also an essential part of being able to get those important aspects of our life right.

Value your friends
We’re not all lucky enough to live next door to close family or friends, but we can make it a rule to spend just five minutes each day on the phone to one special person.

Dress up
It’s not practical to wear a party dress to clean the bath, but when you’re nipping out to pick up groceries or even just to collect the kids from school, brush your hair, throw on a great blouse over those jeans of yours, and put on a favourite necklace for an instant boost of self-confidence.


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Try new places
Instead of heading to the same supermarket or high street to get your shopping done, randomly pick somewhere else – the tasks still get done but picking up your veg, going to the post office and stopping for a coffee in a totally fresh location is surprisingly fun and a stress relief.

Lunch date
Whether you both work, are at home or it’s something you can only manage when one of you gets a day off, make a date to meet your other half or a good friend at lunchtime. It’s miles cheaper than going out for an evening drink – especially if you eat sandwiches on a park bench!

Savvy tip
Once the evening comes, it’s time to relax. Don’t waste hours pottering in the kitchen or watch TV with a bundle of ironing – do something fun with the rest of the family or your friends. Check out these ideas for 5 great nights in.

Pass it on – chill-out tips
Even when you don’t have time to get away or go to the gym, try our 30-minute Relaxation techniques to try at home.

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Reading this have already got me feeling great. Gonna try them for real now.

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