July Editors Letter

July Editor's Letter

Letter from the editor - prepare for the school holidays with advice on fun and educational activities for kids, visiting UK attractions, and how to pack light for your trips!


This month the school holidays begin, which means for us it’s fun time. We try to keep the balance right throughout the summer holidays with some down time and plenty of educational activities and trips. A cry of “let’s go to a museum” always works. I’m amazed by how much my daughters love going to a museum. They’re like little sponges and don’t even realize they’re learning. To them it’s just  fun, it’s a bonus that I enjoy it too.

We’re looking forward to visiting some great UK attractions that we’ve never been to before. You know what it’s like when you mention you’re going to visit somewhere to them? It’s “when? when? WHEN??” Our local nature park has loads of information boards up on the footpaths with local birds, flowers and plants that the girls love to look out for. There are so many places to visit in the UK. I’ll be sharing some of them with you this month so you can plan fun days out too.

And to help you capture all the great memories from your family days out, we have the perfect competition prize up for grabs. We’re giving away a digital camera and all the accessories you’ll need to get plenty of fab holiday snaps.


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Last year I gave my oldest daughter, who’s nine, her own packing list when we went on holiday. She did an amazing job, ticking items off as she went. It just goes to show that a packing list is all you need to be organised when packing. I taught her how to make sure everything matched and how to fit it all in. If only her little sister wanted to take more than a bikini and four teddies! There are a lot of clever tricks I’ll be talking about this month on the best ways to pack light and make sure everything stays crease-free in the case. Once you know how it’s a doddle. I’ve also shared my list of essential documents to take away with you. It’s invaluable.

All these excursions mean road trips and plane rides and with kids you need to be prepared. It took me a while to get it right but I am now a seasoned traveller with young ones. It doesn’t even worry me anymore- well maybe a little bit. I know I just have to plan ahead and be organised. My tried and tested tips for traveling with children all starts with a travel sickness tablet and the rest is easy - pens, games and for really long journey’s a DVD player!

Wherever you’re headed this July, have a fantastic time


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