Emotional motivation at that time of the month

Emotional motivation at that time of the month

Athletes aren’t immune to period problems, such as pain, energy drain or just emotional lows. So how can you make sure your daughter feels great when exercising all year round?

As a mum, you’ll want to make sure you give your daughter the right advice about exercising during her period. Is it okay for her to carry on as normal? What about if she feels crampy or nauseous?

Why exercise and periods do mix

Believe it or not, there are studies that show that hormonal changes at this time of the month can enhance performance and make women feel more powerful during workouts. It’s all down to oestrogen and progesterone levels being at their lowest at this point of the menstrual cycle.

Which is all very well, but what if your daughter isn’t feeling great? It is worth bearing in mind that exercise can actually help to ease the ‘nastier’ period symptoms – PMS and cramps to name but two. It gets the blood pumping and releases endorphins (the ‘feel-good’ hormones).

The best advice here is to start slowly, maybe with some simple stretches. Your daughter may also want to trade her normal routine for something gentler; swapping a run for a brisk walk, for example.

When exercise and periods don’t mix

All that said, if your daughter feels really lousy, the best advice is to listen to her body and take a break. Sometimes curling up on the sofa with a hot-water bottle is absolutely the best course of action.

You might also want to check out our top five tips to dealing with period pain.


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Other ways you can help

If your daughter is playing sport during her period, you’ll want to make sure she’s using protection she can trust. Tampax Compak Pearl offers a unique combination of discretion and protection.

If your daughter isn’t comfortable using tampons, then Always Ultra sanitary towels are a great alternative as they give her up to 100% protection and have flexi-wings that flex as she moves, helping them to stay put and protect against leaks.

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Great article!

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Everyone is different with this I think. For me there is absolutely no reason to stop doing anything because of a period unless you feel uncomfortable or are in pain or plain don't want to. It's all about looking after ourselves and listening to our bodies and knowing that whatever we want to do, run a marathon or get comfy with a hot water bottle, is absolutely ok!

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