Enjoy 'mum’s me-time'

Enjoy 'mum’s me-time'

When the kids are away, mums can play. Take a look at our suggestions for ways to make the most of the hours when your little darlings are at school.

Whatever happens, the washing up will get done and the beds made – eventually! So cut yourself some slack and create some valuable quality time for yourself.

Walking club

Gather together a handful of other parents and have one day every week when you all meet after school drop-off for a morning walk. Make sure there are more than a couple of you otherwise when someone can’t make it, the routine will fall apart. It’s a great way to socialise, sets you up for the day and it’s cheaper than going for coffee!

Get crafty

Sometimes it’s daunting signing up for lessons in something you might not have a real talent for, but there are wonderful resources online to get you started at home. The V&A Museum’s website has really inventive ideas with step-by-step help. Try patchworking, creative writing, making a toy theatre or even a wedding fashion project.


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Be a book hero

Get involved with your child’s school library. Schools rarely have time to keep their shelves tidied and the books in good condition – a picture book can take quite a bashing from a bunch of Year 1s! Whether you have 15 minutes a week to spend at the school or you take the odd bundle home to repair, you’ll find helping out really rewarding.

Savvy tip

You don’t have to join an expensive health club to create some vital de-stress time – check out our Savvy tips on Turning your bathtime into a spa break.

Pass it on – thinking about work

If you are considering returning to work, talk to other mums you know and check out starter advice from sites like workingmums before looking for a job – these days there is lots of great support specifically aimed at mums who may well have different availability and skills to offer than other would-be employees.

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