Everybody is talking about the Everyday Effect

Everybody is talking about the Everyday Effect

But what does it mean to you?

The Everyday Effect – and you

What’s all this about the Everyday Effect? Well actually, you’re already familiar with it – you just might not call it that yet. It’s those little things in life that add up to making all the difference. Little things like the kids stacking the dishwasher for once, someone else actually hanging out the laundry – or even remembering to put a load of washing on themselves.

P&G’s long recognised that ordinary, everyday things can create magical moments. And that’s why we spend so much time developing products that can contribute to the Everyday Effect – like Fairy Platinum washing-up liquid, that helps get the dishes done quicker, so there’s more time for family fun.


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The Everyday Effect can be particularly noticeable (and particularly critical) when life is changing – you are moving house or having a baby for instance. And the Everyday Effect can have far-reaching consequences too – like when you send a child off to school in a shirt so clean, smart and comfortable that they have the confidence to put their hand up with the answer to that difficult question. Or when the sheets are all so beautifully clean, soft and smooth that everyone gets a perfect night’s sleep.

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