Expert advice on handling incontinence

Expert recommendation on handling incontinence

Help is available if you have a bladder problems. You are not alone

Are you suffering from bladder problems? Professor Dr Elisabeth Merkle, a respected expert in women’s health, has this advice to help deal with your bladder weakness.

Speak up about your concerns

Urinary incontinence remains a strong taboo in our society, which explains why affected women feel embarrassed when dealing with the situation. This leads to avoidance of particular situations, where frequent visits to the toilet may be obvious, such as long-distance
car journeys. Women with urinary incontinence tend to keep the problem to themselves for years without discussing it with anyone, not even their family physician or gynaecologist. They do not realise that there are many women who are similarly affected, and help is available. I warmly recommend to all women experiencing urinary incontinence to use the next health check to speak about their concern and allow themselves to get help.

How to talk to your doctor about your sensitive bladder
Talking to your partner about your sensitive bladder


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3 ways to stop your bladder weakness running your life

Not all women with urinary incontinence need medicinal therapy or surgery. Try these tips to help you get on with your everyday life.

  1. Plan your toilet stops when going on activities, and google for specific smartphone apps to help you find your nearest loo at all times.
  2. Pelvic floor exercises can help too. Start practicing them today.
  3. Special pads are essential. It’s important to know that pads for urinary incontinence differ from typical sanitary pads. They come in a large range of absorbencies and it’s important to find the right absorbency for you. Light pads are sufficient for occasional leakage – they ensure the necessary safety, are invisible under clothes, and are completely discreet. Pads or pants with larger absorbency are for those with frequent leakage in higher intensity, or in situations where it’s impossible to change the pad, such as road trips.

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