Five embarrassing moments you can spare your daughter

‘Mum, stop it!’ If you’ve had enough of hearing those words from your oh-so-sensitive daughter, take a look at these tips to spare her blushes.

No one gets embarrassed quite like a teenage girl. They’re at an age when they’re becoming intensely aware of what everyone else is thinking, and it can often feel like everyone is judging them.

So when you’re doing something seemingly harmless as her mum, but she begs you to stop as if she’s about to curl up and die, give her a break. We were all the same way once when it came to peer pressure.

Take a look at this list of the potential embarrassment pitfalls for your daughter in her teenage years and how to steer around them. We can’t promise that she’ll thank you but, believe us, she’ll be relieved.

Picking her up outside a party

She’s just been trying to impress friends and strangers alike with her sophisticated, grown-up party persona. Then you come along in your practical but unstylish mum-mobile, waving enthusiastically to your darling girl – and ruining her carefully crafted illusion.

Picking her up from the party is important to make sure she gets home safely (and on time). But you can spare her teenage street-cred by agreeing to park around the corner, and letting her maintain her independent image a little while longer.

Commenting on everything on her social media

Technology has given us brand new ways to embarrass our children. This one is the digital equivalent of showing too much affection in public: making over-enthusiastic comments on all her pictures and posts.

We understand: you’re proud of your daughter and want her to know how much you love her. But her social media accounts are really for her friends. If you don’t want to be culled (harsh but likely), try to be a low-key presence.

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Tampons falling out of her bag

Teenagers are embarrassed by everything about their changing bodies – and probably near the top of the list is periods. So just about the worst disaster that could happen to your daughter would be her tampons rolling out of her bag while she was talking to the cute boy in geography.

You can help her out by picking up some super-discreet Tampax Compak Pearl tampons. They’ve got all the protection of a full-sized tampon in a pack that’s easy to hide in a pocket or palm. You could even give her a pretty cloth pouch to keep them in, so there’s even less chance of embarrassing mishaps.

Telling her off in front of her mates

So you’ve caught her out: her and her friends are sneaking off to that party you said she couldn’t attend. You’re taking her home – but try to save the lecture and the dressing down for when you’re somewhere private.

Of course, this doesn’t mean letting her off the hook. Later when you’ve got a chance to talk, you can still ground her or stop her allowance. But the discipline will be that much more effective if she hasn’t lost too much face with her friends.

Bringing out embarrassing childhood stories

The new boyfriend has come around for dinner so you’ve got the chance to get to know him. And before you know it, you’re recounting the much-loved family story about how your daughter as a toddler would… no, stop right there.

Those stories from her childhood may be hilarious, but they undermine her image as an independent young woman at a time when she’s working hard to establish it. Give her a chance and save the stories for later.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done to your daughter? Share your story – if she can bear it – in the comments section below.

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