Handmade mother's day card & gift ideas

5 ways to say ‘ I Love You, Mum’

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Handmade Cards
Make a unique handmade mothers day card. You’re never too old to dip your hand in paint and make a picture on a piece of coloured card. Get the grandchildren to do it too. Very young children can offer a footprint instead. It looks great! 

‘We love you’ book
Buy a pretty book with blank pages then invite your brothers and sisters to dedicate a page to say something to mum. It could be a Mother’s Day poem written down by hand, or a few photos glued in, but each person gets their own space to do what they want.

Personalised cupcakes
Make a batch of little cakes then use icing to write a letter on the top of each cake, spelling out your message: ‘Thanks Mum’ or ‘I love you, Mum’. Make chocolate, coffee or lemon fairy cakes if you know she has a favourite.

‘My mum’ necklace
For a homemade Mother’s Day gift find a necklace with a simple pendant then add a few little trinkets reminiscent of times and places your mother treasures, eg a decorative ring you bought on a special holiday, perhaps. Affordable costume jewellery can easily be adapted for this.


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Frame a special memory
Make a compound larger picture with small photos of you, brothers and sisters and any grandchildren, or put together a frame with photos of you as a baby, child, teenager and grown-up.

Savvy tip
Make an origami greeting instead of a regular Mother’s Day card. Even a simple folded paper flower glued onto card will look beautiful and have a personal touch.

Pass it on – mums’ favourite gifts:
Terryl (mother of 2, grandmother of 3): ‘A visit from my son and his children is much more meaningful to me than any present.’

Ruth (mother of 2): ‘My boys have often secretly made home made cards with pop ups.’

Harriet (mother of 3): ‘My kids once made me a beautiful heart collage from all my old Hello magazines in red and green, with words they thought were descriptive of me all over it – it’s framed in my kitchen!’

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