Up your fitness game

Inspired by the Olympic Games? How to up your fitness game

If watching the Olympians in Rio 2016 Olympic Games has motivated you to get a little more sporty yourself, you’ll love our easy ways to pep up your fitness regime

We all know the mental and physical benefits of taking regular exercise but it’s oh-so-easy for life to get in the way, especially if your regime has become a little dull.

We’ve got six easy tips to shake things up and get you motivated again.

Do something you enjoy

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But it’s amazing how many of us end up slogging away on a treadmill staring at a blank wall, or doing the same old class despite the fact that we don’t really like it that much.

There are about a gazillion different ways of keeping fit, from Zumba, to martial arts, to rock climbing, so why not experiment until you find something you love?

Make it a social event

Exercise with a friend or your other half and you’re more likely to drag yourself off the couch because you don’t want to let someone else down. Plus, it makes your workout a good chance to catch-up (you won’t be out of breath the whole time!).

Don’t forget that exercise can be a family affair too. Getting the kids involved and you’ve got a sure-fire recipe for fun as well as fitness.

Exercise when you haven’t got time

How often have you let your exercise routine slip because you’re too busy? But everyone can squeeze in some exercise even if they can’t get to the gym. For example, how about ditching the car for short journeys and walking or cycling instead? You can also take the stairs instead of the lift, or do a few crunches and press ups in front of the TV.


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It’s all about fitting in little bursts of physical activity wherever you can.

Rediscover playtime

You only have to watch kids running around the place to see that if you’re having enough fun, you don’t even realise you’re doing something good for you!

Loved volleyball in high school? Why not join a local team now? Always wanted to learn tennis? Book up those lessons.

Crank up the music

A good playlist can transform your workout, inspiring you to one more set of reps or run another mile. Make sure your change it up frequently too, although there’s always room for a few old favourites.

Reward yourself

Setting yourself fitness goals and rewarding yourself when you smash them is a great way to keep motivated (and, no, we’re not talking about a family-sized bar of chocolate here!).

How about treating yourself to some nice new workout gear, for example? Or just an hour of ‘me time’ to relax?

How do you keep your fitness routine fun? Let us know in the comments section below.

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