Intimate body odour

How to stop intimate body odour

Body odours change during the menstrual cycle and it might make you uncomfortable. Here’s how to get rid of body odour and feel fresh and clean all day, everyday.

Our sense of smell varies throughout the month, as, believe it or not, we’re more sensitive to odours in the days leading up to ovulation. That’s because, according to scientists, it helps us select the right mate, so we can have beautiful healthy babies!

Of course, for some, body odour can be worry, particularly at a time when we have extra hormones flying around the body. But it needn’t be a concern if you follow a few simple rules:


Your vagina is particularly sensitive to heat and moisture, especially when you’re having a period, so:

  • Remove wet bathing suits and exercise clothing promptly
  • Don’t wear tight workout clothes


  • Use lukewarm water using a clean soft washcloth, your hand or gently rinse the area while showering
  • Avoid products that may alter your vaginal pH levels

Change your underwear frequently


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  • Wear clean 100% cotton underwear
  • After laundry, double rinse underwear or any clothing that might come into contact with that area
  • Carry an extra set of underwear with you when you have your period

Wear pantyliners

Intimate body odours are natural and normal when you’re not menstruating. However, if you'd like to deal with them, panty liners absorb and lock away the moisture that can lead to odours. Scented pads and liners can also help you feel fresh, confident and extra pampered.

Change your protection regularly

Menstrual blood is odourless until it comes into contact with bacteria and air. If you regularly change your tampon or sanitary towels and wash yourself regularly, odours are less of an issue.. Learn more about how to stay active during your period.

Check with your doctor

If you experience any changes in discharge, or feel itchy, do visit your doctor or health care provider to find out why and get treatment. 

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I have used Always panty liners for years as I have a weak bladder. They help immensely so when i'm out and about I don't have a leak

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I've used a vatiety of panty-liners for years. They help you feel fresh & to be your knickers for longer, No problems with marks etc.

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some ideas i hadnt thought of

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