Intimate Hygiene

Intimate hygiene

The skin in the vulvar area can be more sensitive than other areas of the body, especially when you’re having your period. Learn how to improve your intimate hygiene.


Washyour intimate parts gently with lukewarm water using a soft washcloth, your fingers or gently rinse the area while showering. Avoid using products that may alter your vaginal pH levels. Wash with warm water.


Depending on your flow, change your pad every 3 to 4 hours or before it gets soaked. It will help prevent unpleasant menstruation odours (that come from menstrual fluid) and also help avoid intimate irritation (like intimate itching and discomfort).


Wearing tight-fitting clothes can get in the way of your intimate hygiene. So try avoiding tight workout clothes and choose something well-ventilated.



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Use 100% cotton underwear.  After washing, double rinse underwear or any clothing that comes in contact with the vulva.


Keeping your intimate skin clean and dry is a good way to nourish your intimate hygiene. For example, after swimming or sports, remove wet bathing suits and exercise kit promptly.


If your vulva or intimate skin is sensitive to the touch, red, swollen and itching, you have intimate irritation and may even have an infection.  Solving this may be as simple as changing the detergent you use. But if it happens, visit your doctor or health care provider to determine the cause and appropriate treatment.

If you experience skin irritations with your usual pads, there are some products formulated with lotion that you might want to consider.

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I finally feel comfortable thanks to Always Discre

I finally feel comfortable thanks to Always Discre


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Thanks to Always Discreet I can jump on the trampo


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