To feel even more unstoppable, just add water

To feel even more unstoppable, just add water

To feel even more unstoppable, just add water

Did you know you can survive for a month without food but only about 4 days without water? It’s true. And not only does water keep your body healthy, it also keeps you looking beautiful.

Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good

Your skin contains plenty of water, and functions as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss. If you don’t drink enough water you could become dehydrated and that makes your skin more dry and wrinkled.

Not drinking enough can also lead to too much body fat, poor muscle tone and size, not to mention constipation, sore joints and muscles and being BLOATED. That’s because your body will retain water to compensate for any lack of fluids.

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Keep a bottle with you

Your body has several ways of telling you when it needs more water. Thirst is the first sign. However, thirst is a late signal. Your body probably needed more water before you became thirsty. Be sure you have water handy at all times by keeping a bottle for water with you. If you get bored with plain water, add a bit of lemon or lime for a touch of flavour.

And if you are physically active, you should always drink more. It doesn’t matter whether you drink it at room temperature or cold, the main thing is, that you drink it. Remember – it’s all for your beauty ;-)

A world first

Talking of fluids, when it comes to your period there’s a pad that can absorb 10x its weight. The amazing thing is though, that you can hardly feel it. It is the world’s first pad made of SmartFoam which means it’s incredibly thin and moulds to your body so you can hardly feel it. You’re dealing with enough during your period so it’s great to know you can really rely on your pad.

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