Packing Boxes for moving house

Moving house tips

Moving house is one of the biggest changes we make in our lives and though it’s hard work, it’s worth the effort. Here are some moving house tips to help make it pain-free.

How to sell your house – viewing checklist

  • Create a good first impression with potential buyers – sweep the front path and tidy the garden, wash down windows and the door.
  • Fresh brewed coffee, baking and the freshness of a newly cleaned home are all welcoming scents. Clear away coats and shoes from the hallway.
  • Keep it tidy – pick up clothes up, fold towels and round up toys and magazines. Get a nice-looking basket for the lounge so clearing away stray items takes no time.

TOP TIP: De-personalise. Viewers want to envisage themselves in your home so put away children’s paintings and sentimental ornaments.

Packing – countdown to moving day

  • Make a timetable for packing and give everyone in your household a few tasks.
  • Start as early as you can and pack room by room. Seeing your progress is a great incentive.
  • Get empty boxes for moving house from the supermarket. Bigger cardboard storage boxes are good for lighter contents like clothes, heavy books, CDs etc fit brilliantly into flat, wide banana boxes. Write on each box where it’s going in your new home.

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TOP TIP: Children can find moving unsettling. Get them to decorate boxes as if they are personal lorries or cars for teddy, dolls and other loved toys to travel in.

Moving day – organised and relaxed

  • Keep a contact list in your bag (solicitors, bank, emergency plumber, electrician, phone company). And make sure your mobile is fully charged.
  • Have a box of useful essentials handy – torch, small tools, first aid kit, bin bags and paper and pen.
  • Stay fed, watered and feel fresh. Eat out if you can, and ask a friend if you can come over for a shower at the end of the day, to escape the boxes and dust!

TOP TIP: Pack a bag for the first night in your new home so you don’t have to start digging in boxes as soon as you arrive.

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