Mum’s life: starting a book club

Mum’s life: starting a book club

How to create quality time for you and your friends.

A book club is a great excuse to make a regular date to socialise. Plus it gives you a wonderful starting point for new conversations – whether you end up talking in detail about the book or the issues raised by its characters or storyline.

Getting started
Find people who can gather regularly – at least four and no more than ten.
Don’t over-complicate it with people who have to travel miles – the easier it is the less stressful it will be.


  • Who is this group of readers: are you all at work, or friends via your children’s school?
  • Are you all more likely to be able to make a morning, afternoon or evening gathering?
  • Would you rather rotate at someone’s home or a handy café or bar?

Your first meeting
Get everyone to bring along something they love reading. Be encouraging – anything is acceptable! Go round asking everyone to say a couple of things about why they like that book – no matter how quirky or small their reasons might be.


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Become a member

Put your names in a hat and draw to see who is going to suggest the first book – ideally one no-one has read before. 

Depending on how often you meet you might want to suggest everyone reads the whole book or just up to certain chapter before your next get-together.

Getting the books
Buying books can be expensive. Many public libraries will call in several copies of a book from neighbouring libraries if you give them some notice. Find your nearest library at

Savvy tip
Encourage others to sort out things like booking a table at the bar where you meet, so that you don’t get lumbered with all the hard work. If one or two people have to drop out remember it’s not your party and their absence isn’t personal!

Pass it on– find the perfect book suggests titles based on your tastes (eg search for books that are happy or sad, non-violent, fantasy, short or long, etc).

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