New look big difference

New look big difference

Changing hairstyles, clothes or make-up can actually be a positive confidence boost that marks a more significant life change.

Tips for confidence building
Simply changing hairstyles, clothes or make-up can actually help to build confidence and make you feel good for a significant life change.

A wedding, a new job, having kids – there are many times when we might seek for a change of style, but whatever the reason, if we look good, we feel good and more confident.

If you always put your hair up, think of different hair ideas – try a couple of days with it down, around the house at first. If that’s too different for you, try styling it up but with a kink for a more full and flowing effect. If you usually wear it down, try a plait detail or a colourful hair ribbon so it still feels pretty even when it’s tied back. Small changes can really help to make you feel good.

TIP: If you want to change your hair colour, pick a colour within two or three shades of your natural hair so it still matches your skin tone.


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Dress in your favourite outfit and take a long look at what it is that suits you: colour, length of the dress, cut of the neckline? Save legwork by browsing magazines for a few interesting but different styles before you head for the boutiques.

TIP: Be prepared for the odd disappointment when trying on clothes, and wear something easy to change out of so you don’t look flustered when you’re judging yourself in the changing room mirror.

A helpful beauty tip is to keep foundation close to your natural colour – it should even out your skin tone instead of changing it. In terms of eye make up darker eyeshadow will highlight contours but brown mascara is more flattering as you get older, and blue will bring out the whites of your eyes. If you’re trying a new lip colour, choose a matt finish at first until you’re confident it’s really you, it’s more subtle than pearl or gloss.

TIP: Don’t over-pluck eyebrows. Thinner eyebrows can make you look older while thicker brows look fresh and youthful.

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