Pamper yourself on Mother's Day

Make Mother’s Day into ‘Me-Time Day’

Cards and flowers are lovely, but, if we’re honest, what we really want for Mother’s Day is to be able to forget about being “Mum” for a bit. Here’s how to make that happen…

Too often, Mother’s Day starts off well ¬– cards, flowers and burnt toast and cold tea in bed (bless them, they tried) – but it ends up like any other day, with you running around after the kids as well as cooking and cleaning. But, as well as enjoying the sweet gestures from your beloveds, Mother’s Day should be about rewarding yourself, too. So we say let Dad know that he’s on kiddy duty and try these five ways to make Mother’s Day a REAL treat this year.

1. Wear something new

Look good and you’ll feel great. If you don’t have money for a new outfit, just treat yourself to a new necklace or some slinky colorful tights to go with a best-loved dress – it’s amazing how new accessories can transform your look.

Or be super-savvy in advance and arrange with your best friend to swap clothes for the day – just something you’ve both always quite fancied from each other’s wardrobe. You never know, it might become a permanent swap!

For simple style tips, see our article, New look, big difference.

2. Head for the gym… but take it easy

Get those feel-good endorphins flowing by doing some exercise. Do a short workout ¬– perhaps a stint on the cross trainer followed by some free weights and yoga stretches ¬– before doing what you really came for and hitting the sauna, then chilling in the café or lounge with a magazine and fruit smoothie.

No gym membership? Go for a solo walk and have the kids or your partner run you a hot bubble bath for when you get home.

For pampering ideas, see our article, Turn your bathtime into a spa break.

3. Indulge your tastebuds

What treat do you most love? Crisps, chocolate, maybe fresh, crunchy apples? This is your day for big treats so get seriously extravagant and organise a sampling session. For example, if your favourite treat is chocolate, buy a range of different bars, cut a couple of squares from each, then do a mystery taste test to work out what your absolute top choice is. The added bonus? Your family will know exactly what choccies to buy you next year!

For more sweet treats, why not get the kids to help you make this three-minute mug cake?


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4. Get a new look for free!

Many make-up counters at big stores (such as Debenhams or Boots) offer mini-makeovers. Simply turn up and ask one of the beauty counter assistants if they offer it – and many do so for free, or if not the payment is usually redeemable against their product range.

Close your eyes and fantasise you’re an A-lister getting ready for an awards ceremony (the Mum Oscars, perhaps?). Also use the opportunity to ask any make-up questions you may have – such as what colour lipstick they think suits your skin tone, or how best to apply your eye shadow.

Around 30 minutes later you’ll have a whole new look to debut and some savvy make-up tips, too!

To master your make-up at home, check out our beauty expert videos.

5. Host a mum’s tea party

Finally, get together with fellow mums and have a good old gossip and giggle. Dads and kids are allowed, but ladies have sole use of the living room, where you can tuck into tea and cake click here for recipe ideas, or just buy some from the shops. After all, this is your day off!).

Set up a movie with some bean bags and cushions for seating and put some toys and games out in the lounge to keep the kids occupied while the dads keep an eye on them. Then, if they behave (dads included!), they can have some cake too – if there’s any left, that is!

For inspiration, check out our article on How to host a chic tea party.

P.S. Don’t forget your mum too! Here are some lovely ideas you can make for your mum or get the kids to make for grandma.

What’s your idea of the perfect Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments section below.

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my perfect day would be fresh fruit bowl, fresh coffee and a croissant for brekkie.. then a trip out to the seaside or lakeside or little village as i can't walk far, somewhere lovely to sit with my lovely daughter and then time with her maybe with a cuppa and cake.. heaven! Not everyone has a Mum, make the most of yours whilst she is still with you, who knows what tomorrow brings. Show her, tell her and shower her with all the love she deserves.

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