Puberty Advice: Shaving – is my daughter ready?

You will feel more confident talking to your daughter about the new experiences that puberty brings like shaving if you can read the signs that the time is right for her.

Remember, you’ve been through puberty yourself and you can be a fantastic support for her.

How to tell if your daughter wants to start to shave

These are all signs she might be ready:

Does she talk about shaving?

Is she self-conscious about her leg hair?

Are her friends doing it?

Talking to your daughter about deciding to shave

Let her know you understand her feelings and try to find out why she’s asking to start shaving her legs or other hair removal options now.


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Does she want to feel “grown up”? Remind her of other big steps she’s already achieved in her journey to independence.

If she’s trying to fit in with friends, show her it’s important to be her own person.

Is she embarrassed about the hair on her legs? Help her choose clothes she feels confident in.

If she wants to know how to shave because she wants to feel good about herself, point out some of the things that already make her special.

If you want your daughter to wait

Explain that she needs to wait to shave, and when the time comes, you’ll share all kinds of advice for how to shave (see above). In the meantime, offer a bit more freedom in other ways, support experiments she makes with her style and acknowledge her friends’ changing habits comparing her to them.

If you think the time is right for her to start shaving

Take her shopping to find the right razor and pass on some useful tips to get her started by showing her how to shave and discussing tricky topics like replacing razor blades and avoiding ingrown hairs.

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My daughter, now 24, says the best thing I ever did for her was to take her for her first wax when she was 13. As a result of regular waxing from a young age, she now has sparse hair that doesn't need constant shaving. I remembered how humiliating my hair was when all my peers were shaving when I started high school and vowed my daughter wouldn't have that. I'd personally only give a teen a razor as a backup or an inbetween-growth shave.

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My daughter was about 13 when I noticed that my Ladyshave needing charging all the time, apparently all her friends were doing it and she thought she was missing out on something. 3 years on and she now finds it a chore..

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when i was at the age where I started wanting to shave my legs, my friends were doing it, they were wearing shorts or stuff that would show off their legs and I got to the point that I didnt want to keep covering up. At the time my mum never used to let me shave them, but use Immac (veet) and i was only ever allowed to go just above my knee.

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I don't think people should make a big fuss out of shaving legs, I know I was too shy to ask about shaving legs, covered my legs up till I was about 18 and finally bought a razor!, I think if a mum sees her daughter is having hairy legs she should give her a razor and teach her how to use it :)

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