Puberty in girls - Five tips for boosting teenage confidence

Puberty in girls - Five tips for boosting teenage confidence

Easy ideas and small ways you can make your daughter feel good about herself when she’s going through the changes of puberty.

It’s funny that as adults, when life experiences have given us a little more perspective, we realise that even the prettiest girl in our own class at school was probably a bag of , just like we were! Check out Puberty – how your daughter feels right now for useful reminders of what this emotional time feels like, and try these ways to support your daughter.

1. Heart to heart
Let your daughter come to you, but hide any self-consciousness you might feel. Allow her to talk through whatever’s on her mind, even if she just wants to chat about hair and make-up.

2. Independent times
Celebrate her growing desire to be independent by giving her freedom on those occasions when you think she’s safe and ready to go her own way. You’re not giving up on your responsibilities, just loosening the ties a little.


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3. Beauty goes deep
Don’t ignore any fears she might have about her looks but do reassure her that there is a natural beauty in all young teenage women. Boost your daughter’s confidence by helping her find ways to accentuate what she loves most about her appearance and her personality.

4. Body Confidence
If the time is right, show her how to look after her body, from healthy eating to hair removal. You’ll find useful tips in Shaving – share your skills and Nutrition for girls over 10 and teenagers.

5. A happy role model
Whether she shows it or not, what you do and say has a huge influence on your daughter’s self esteem . You don’t need to say anything, just be happy in yourself, let her see how you draw on your instincts to make decisions, and show her how you value your own body by looking after yourself.

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