Puberty in girls -  understanding your daughter’s emotions

Puberty in girls - understanding your daughter’s emotions

Steer your way through the highs and lows of home life by understanding a bit more about what’s going on inside your daughter’s head as she goes through puberty.

As you probably know from your own teenage years, this is a time that can mix up a cocktail of feelings for any boy and girl. Read on here to help you understand how best to react to  your daughter’s emotions, and check out the useful tips in Teenage emotions – managing the moods.

She’s starting to think like an adult
'Cognitive development' means your daughter starts to think more abstractly and gaining emotional intelligence – she’s now more like an adult than a child.

She’s better at expressing herself
Feelings start to make more sense so it’s easier for your daughter to use the right words and to draw on her experiences to begin expressing what she’s feeling more fully.

She’s extra sensitive
A little thing that wouldn't have bothered her before now drives her bonkers. Feeling angry is normal during puberty because of the hormonal changes.


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She cries more often
It’s normal to cry over serious or quite small things and  is likely to happen to most girls during puberty.

She’s tuning into womanhood
Some girls find that they're feeling more feminine, sometimes or all the time. Whether they prefer playing football or talking about nail polish, remember – it's all normal.

She’s more insecure
Your daughter will probably compare herself to her friends. She may feel  less confidence in herself. Reassure her that everyone else does, too (even that girl who seems the coolest at school) and help build her self esteem.

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