Questions your daughter might ask

Questions your daughter might ask

Your daughter is bound to have lots of questions about puberty. Check out the most common ones below

As a mum, you want to make puberty easy on your daughter so it’s helpful to always be one step ahead. These are a few of the questions she’s likely to have and a few ideas on how best to answer them.

What exactly is puberty?

Puberty is a name for the time when you start to change from a child into an adult, from a girl into a woman. It's important to know that puberty is normal – it happens to everyone. You should also know that, though you'll go through a lot of changes, you will still be YOU – with some important differences. The obvious changes during puberty are the development of sexual characteristics, like breasts, the growth of pubic hair and getting your period.

You might also want to suggest that she checks out our menstrual cycle need-to-know article.

When will I get my first period?

Take a look at these clues to help you figure out when you’re more likely to get your first period:

  • About two years after your breasts begin to develop
  • Within a year or so of developing pubic hair
  • After you start to notice some vaginal discharge (whitish or clear fluid that comes from your vagina).

For more detail, you can read our tips on when to expect her first period.


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Can I use pantyliners every day as I wait for my period to start?

Absolutely. Millions of women around the world use products like Always Dailies to help feel fresh all day, every day.

How can I deal with all the ‘horrible bits’?

From PMS to cramps, we can help you help your daughter with any period problems.

Is it normal to put on weight during puberty?

Definitely. Explain to your daughter that she's meant to put on weight during puberty because her body is growing, and an adult woman has more body fat than a young girl. Encourage her to eat healthily and participate in physical activities. Reassure her that she'll only put on more weight than her body needs if she eats too many fatty and sugary foods and doesn’t do enough exercise.

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