Returning to work: first steps

Returning to work: first steps

Tips for getting back into a routine when the kids are in school.

Career advice
• First, ask yourself these questions:
– Why do I want/need to work (money, staying active, being stimulated, improving skills)?
– How and when do I want to work (school hours only, part-time, full-time, working alone at home or in a team)?
– Do I want to try something new?
– What skills do I have that are still relevant or that could be refreshed?
• Do research. Look online for career advice to get an overview of what kinds of jobs might suit your skills and financial expectations.
• Talk about it. To a friend (ideally someone working in that field) and find a local group who can give you a clearer idea of who might be offering the kind of work you’re looking for near you. You can pay for private coaching and advice, but local councils usually offer this service for free, too.
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Get ready to go back to work

• Being organised at home will help make your return to work less stressful.
– Get a housework rota going so you’re not taking all the domestic strain alone.
– Do a wardrobe overhaul so you feel confident that you’ve got the right look for work. No need to spend lots of money on new clothes, just spend a fun afternoon having a sort out.
– Feel energized. New people, experiences and routines can be really tiring so boost yourself before you start by going for a few good walks or a regular swim for a couple of weeks before you start.
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Savvy tip

When thinking about work don’t forget to consider tax, national insurance and other costs you’ll have to pay out.


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Pass it on – specialist advice for women who want to work

From help groups and free support for those who need it most, to online ads for part-time jobs, there are some helpful websites such as Women Like Us who tailor tips, advice and links especially to the needs of women returning to work after a career break or starting a family.

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