Returning to work – real mums’ stories

Returning to work – real mums’ stories

Whether you are going back to work after a short break or after taking time off for your children, check out these experiences of other women like you.

Mums who work around school hours
Ruth has two sons. Once they were both in school, she wanted to work to bring a bit more cash into the home and to update her skills.

‘I used to work in London but we live in Surrey now and I couldn’t do a long commute, so I looked locally. Instead of finding one ideal job, I found two smaller creative clerical jobs that put together made full use of my hours. Local companies often don’t have big budgets but mums who can be flexible and do a few hours across a few days instead of one full day’s work a week can be useful and affordable for their businesses.’

My working mum savvy tip:

If you need to take time off for school holidays, don’t forget end of term concerts, parents evenings etc are going to eat into your time. Notch up your extra hours over a few weeks, not just in the last few days.

Mums who start their own business

Sophie has four children. Sophie teaches piano from her home and worked for a few years as a teaching assistant. However, when her youngest daughter started junior school she turned one of her skills into a small business: making ice cream. She now sells amazing sorbets and ice creams locally and supplies many of the nearby restaurants.


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‘The first thing I did was try the local park café – I thought if they would take my ice creams maybe there was a market for them. It was a business I could start at my own pace, but I was keen to get tasting sessions going at our house so I could win customers by word of mouth, and see what flavours worked. It’s hard work, but I’m here at home when the kids need me.’

My working mum savvy tip:

If you’re making cakes, sewing or whatever, don’t forget to factor in your time when considering if it’s going to make you money. For example doing accounts, sorting orders and for me, doing the washing up all count!’

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