Bladder problems in pregnancy

Sensitive bladder after pregnancy

Many women experience sensitive bladder after pregnancy. A sneeze or laugh can sometimes be enough to trigger an arbitrary loss of urine. These simple steps will help you prevent any bladder embarrassment.

A little bundle of joy is a dream come true, but a little leak is, well, a lot less welcome. But often when you’ve had a baby the two come hand in hand.


It happens to most mums before and after the baby. Called 'stress incontinence', it is due to pressure on the bladder. Laugh, cough or sneeze and you may find yourself having a tiny leakage.

That’s why we recommend pelvic floor exercises. They’ll strengthen your muscles and help you recover much faster after the baby is born


Here goes. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that provide support for your bladder, intestines and uterus. Situated between your legs, your pelvic floor muscles are like a mini-hammock that runs from your pubic bone at the front of your body to the base of your spine at the back.


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Because it can stretch in response to weight, the pelvic floor is sometimes compared to a trampoline. However because it has to bear the weight of a growing baby for nine months, it often fails to bounce back, becoming stretched and weak.


Here are our top tips:

  • Drink 6 to 8 cups of water
  • Switch to decaffeinated coffee or tea
  • Go for non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks – for example, a wine spritzer is better than a glass of wine
  • Watch out for diuretic fruits that make you wee, like strawberries, tomatoes and blackcurrants
  • Opt for a high-fibre diet to help digestion
  • Watch your weight – extra weight increases the pressure on your bladder
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with exercise and learn to contract your pelvic muscles when you need them the most, such as when coughing and laughing. Find out how to build up your pelvic muscles here.
  • Try relaxation techniques
  • To make sure you feel fresh and clean all day, you can also use pantyliners specially designed for sensitive bladders, such as Always ProFresh pantyliners with NeutraPearlsTM to capture and neutralise odours for hours.

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