Talking periods with your daughter without the embarrassment

Talking periods with your daughter without the embarrassment

Use these easy tips to make conversations about puberty and periods with your daughter more comfortable for both of you.

Do you blush when you remember the first conversations you had about puberty with your mum? It’s not always the easiest moment, is it? But knowing what to say and reassuring your daughter that you were self conscious about these chats when you were her age, will make the experience a lot more relaxed for both of you.

Getting started

  • Remind yourself of the facts before you start, check out Puberty talk – explaining what’s going on.
  • Recognize that you can’t fit everything into one big discussion. It’s easier to absorb information a little at a time and changes don’t all happen at once.
  • Let the subject of puberty come up naturally, while watching TV or driving in the car.

What to say


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  • Let your daughter know that getting her period is a natural, positive part of growing up.
  • Explain that protection falls into two categories: external protection using sanitary towels or panty liners, and tampons as internal protection.
  • Pads can be useful to start with while girls become familiar with their menstrual flow, and for added protection on heavy days.
  • Tampons absorb menstrual flow inside the body and are reliable, comfortable, and worn inside (so nothing shows). These can make girls feel more relaxed about what activities they do and how they dress during periods.
  • First-time tampon users may find that Tampax Pearl® are a good choice because they have a smooth applicator and a rounded tip that makes insertion easy and comfortable.
  • Explain that if she wants, tampons are safe to use as soon as she begins to menstruate. By then, her body is mature enough to use a tampon.

How do you feel?

However good your relationship with your daughter may be, puberty is almost certain to bring arguments and pouting. Even when she questions your ideas, your daughter still cares about what you think, so just relax and allow her more space.

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