Surviving your periods leak free

When you use tampons, it’s good to choose ones best suited for your menstrual flow. For example, pick bigger sized, maximum absorbency tampons for heavy days and smaller ones for a lighter flow.

Most women use this basic theory, but we’ve also put together a FAQ survival kit to help you get the fullest protection and prevent leaks – so you can tackle every day with confidence.

How do I decide on the right tampon absorbency to use for my period flow?

You’ll gain this knowledge from experience – just try various types of tampons on different days of your period. Tampax has three collections to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that’s right for you.

If you need to change your tampon after four hours, it’s safe to opt for a higher absorbency. On the other hand, if you still see white fibre after four to eight hours, go for smaller-sized tampons.

Can I use a tampon overnight?

Yes, you can. Just make sure you insert a fresh one before going to bed and remove it as soon as you wake up – and try using the lowest absorbency tampon that lasts for eight hours. So, if a medium or even a mini tampon absorbs all of your night flow, there is no need to use a bigger one because it is only for the night.

Should I use sanitary pads or tampons?


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This depends entirely on your preferences – you should use what you feel most comfortable with. Tampons give you more freedom, but might require extra time to get used to. One solution is to combine both – why not try an Always pad with a Tampax tampon for the ultimate leak-proof protection?

You can also use Always panty liners with tampons to keep your underwear stain free.

Should I use tampons with cardboard or plastic applicators or non-applicator ones?

This is completely up to you. Try inserting tampons with and without an applicator to see what you feel most comfortable with.

Do petite women need smaller tampons?

No, this is a myth. You can choose the size of your tampon purely on the intensity of your period flow. So if you’re petite and your period is heavy, pick higher absorbency Always pads and Tampax tampons.

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I wouldnt recommened normally using a tampon when going to bed, but I use sanitary towels to bed, and they never seem to work correctly, im a lazy sleeper, and lay there till 9am!. also espcailly if you are young you can get heavy periods, and using a towel to bed, for me when I was young was useless.

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