Top tips for beautiful hair Q&A

Top tips for beautiful hair: Q&A

Top tips for beautiful hair: Q&A

Are there any short cuts to beautiful hair?

If you’re busy – and who isn’t – do make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner that’s right for you. Peter Lux, celebrity hair stylist, explains, “Using the right hair products for your hair type can make a massive difference – and it can save you time in the mornings.”

He adds, “You can get the exact look you want and take care of your scalp and hair at the same time.”

High fashion or au naturel?

“To me, everyday beautiful hair is clean, touchable and shiny. It falls naturally and just looks soft and healthy,” says Peter.

“Don’t torture your scalp and your hair with excessive heat styling at high temperatures.”

How should I dry my hair?

“Wet hair is especially vulnerable to damage, so after washing, pat your hair with a towel to blot away excess water. Never rub too vigorously as wet hair is at more risk of breaking. Your scalp will thank you for a more gentle treatment as well,” says Peter.

How do I cut down on frizz?

“If you combat frizz at the outset, you won’t need so much scalp-stressing heat,” adds Peter. “If your hair is shoulder length or longer, gather your hair together at the ends, clasp it together with your fist, then use your hairdryer only on the mid-lengths. By creating an even amount of tension throughout the hair like this, you’ll be amazed how much less frizz you get than if your hair is allowed to blow around more.”

How often should I visit the hairdresser?

Regular trims will keep the ends of your hair looking neat and healthy, and less likely to pull or snag when you brush, meaning less stress for your scalp.

How can I keep my colour looking fresh?


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Everyday beautiful hair should have a glossy, gleaming colour. Trouble is, after it’s been coloured it doesn’t take many washes for the colour to fade.

So choose a shampoo and conditioner that has special ingredients to help protect your hair colour. Colour Care, from the head & shoulders range, will keep your colour fresher for longer and care for your scalp, too. Dr Sian Morris explains, “Colour Care products are especially designed keeping the different needs and surface characteristics of coloured hair in mind.”

Do tools make a difference?

Take a good look at your brushes and if they need replacing, do it. You’ll need:

  • A wide-toothed comb for tousled waves,
  • A natural-fibre brush for sweeping hair up
  • A tail comb for precision partings

And do make sure that all of your tools, especially combs and brushes, only have blunt or soft ends. Pointy or sharp tips of combs or brushes can harm your scalp.

You’ll be amazed what difference it makes when you use the right styling tools.

Should I eat anything in particular for healthy hair?

A balanced diet is a must.

Hair and scalp expert, Dr Isle Lefkowicz, says “Try to eat good fats like omega 3, 6 and 9. They can really help improve the quality of your skin. That goes for your complexion, as well as your scalp.”

Models go on about drinking lots of water. Is it true?

Within reason, yes. “We regulate about 30% of our body temperature via our head,” says Dr Sian Morris. Because we lose water from the scalp skin at a high rate, take a two-pronged approach.

First, drink at least 2 litres of water a day, and second, help protect your scalp’s skin barrier by using head & shoulders. It’s the best way to ensure your scalp stays well hydrated.

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I needed some tips for my hair as it always goes dry and fuzzy and splits on the ends, thanks :)

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Amazing stuff ,have really learnt alot ,I lose too much hair ,need help any info out there ,I love p and g brands,all of them ,they are amazing

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All recommendations are very practical,thanks a lot!

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