What happens to my hair & scalp during pregnancy?

Top tips for hair care through pregnancy

When you’re pregnant your hormones go on a bit of a roller-coaster, which can have an effect on your hair and scalp.

Some women actually believe that their hair is growing faster and thicker. Though to be honest it only ‘feels’ that way because, thanks to the increase in estrogen, you shed less hair than normal.

Your scalp may seem oilier, or drier. Either way dandruff could rear its head. All thanks to a cocktail of nutrition, hormones and the stress of being pregnant.

The trick is to try to keep as relaxed as possible. So make sure you get plenty of sleep and eat healthy. Zinc containing foods in your diet are your best buddy, so look out for sesame seeds and dark chocolate. Keep them in your handbag to snack on when you get the chance.

And, of course, use an anti-dandruff shampoo, like head & shoulders Citrus Fresh.

Get moving

Some gentle exercise in the morning, like yoga or a brisk walk, is great for your circulation. It increases the flow of blood to your scalp and helps keep it – and you – healthy and stress-free.

If the weather is keeping you in, through a dance party for one.  Listen to your favourite music and dance around the house. You may feel slightly silly, but who cares – no one’s watching.

Go for a stress-free, wash & wear style

Our stylist to the stars, Peter Lux says, “I am a great believer in working with, rather than working against, the natural texture of your hair. So if your hair falls in a natural wave, don’t be obsessed with trying to get rid of it – there will be a way of wearing it that looks great. It’s much better for your hair and scalp if you’re working with your natural hair texture as it will minimise the amount of heat styling you need.”

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles


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“Hair doesn’t have to be boring” says Peter. “I find that most of the models and celebrities I work with are keen to change style but don’t want to lose the length of their hair, so I often suggest that instead of having the ends cut straight across, they go for a rounded edge or a gentle ‘V’ shape – it adds interest without being too dramatic.”

Change your parting

Want an instant, non-permanent makeover for your hair? Peter says you should think about shifting your parting from side to centre, or vice versa. “When you use the right anti-dandruff shampoo so your scalp is flake-free, a parting is a great way to create a strong, flattering statement, and changing it gives you a great chance to experiment and create variations.”


“We’re seeing more and more hair accessories on the catwalks every season,” says Peter. “They look great but also help you to look after your hair and scalp, because they allow you to put your hair up. So you’re discouraged from fiddling with your hair and scalp too much. And you’ll be on-trend, too.”

Use a shampoo with a great, uplifting fragrance

Scientific studies prove that fragrances have the power to lift your mood.

Check out the fragrances in the latest additions to the head & shoulders line-up. They have been especially created to make you smell good and feel even better.


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And don't worry if you think your hair is falling out a few weeks after you have the baby! I did, but was reassured that it's just due to the fact you shed less in pregnancy, as the article says.

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