Does my husband have dandruff?

Top tips for the man in your life

Compared to women, men have got away with little more than a shave and a clean shirt for ages. Now happily, they are expected to put some effort into grooming themselves – just like us ladies.

Top stylist, Peter Lux, says, “The male celebrities I work with generally know how to take care of themselves. Like using a conditioner as well as a shampoo, or washing their hair every day.”

Maybe it was jealousy or maybe it was just inspiration but this hair care advice has caught on and many guys have learned that a little bit can go a long way.

Question is, is your man hair and beauty savvy? If not, here are a few tips to help him get up to scruff.

Both men and women can get dandruff

Men and women may have differences in the skin of their scalps, but dandruff favours no one. It sometimes is a bigger problem for women. That’s because they wash their hair less frequently and they use hairdryers and irons which dry out the scalp. But as more men spend more time styling, they will also see the flaky consequences.

Start caring for your scalp today

The key to treating dandruff is caring for the scalp. And it’s never too late to start a great scalp care routine says scientist, Dr Sian Morris. She suggests simply using head & shoulders “It starts working as soon as you start to use it. The ZPT active ingredient tackles the cause of dandruff right from the start of the very first wash. And it helps keep your scalp in good condition for up to 72 hours after you washed it.”

Always wash your hair after a workout

That healthy sweat worked up during a workout may be great for the heart and lungs; but it won’t do the scalp any favours. Perspiration can aggravate scalp conditions and excess oil and dirt can make hair look dull, too. So a wash after a workout is essential – and don’t forget the head & shoulders.

Wash your hair like a pro


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Many men will be surprised to learn that they’ve been washing their hair incorrectly. Peter explains “Use the soft pads of your finger tips and make gentle circular motions to lather up the shampoo.  And never be tempted to scratch your scalp with your nails.”

If you want the zingy feeling you get from a hard rub, you should use an invigorating shampoo. The Fresh & Clean range of shampoos from head & shoulders are ideal.

Be on red alert for signs of sensitive skin

If his face ever looks red or irritated, or feels dry and tight after shaving, there’s no two ways about it. He has sensitive skin. That means a sensitive scalp too, in which case he’ll need a dedicated healthy-scalp shampoo.

Your beard can get dandruff, too

When he washes his hair, he should shampoo his beard too. This is because the skin underneath can be just as flaky and sensitive as his scalp. After massaging the scalp, continue down into down the temples and through the beard.

Use products with a proven track record

Finally a word from Dr Ilyse, “head & shoulders has always been synonymous with science innovation. In my opinion it’s the best daily shampoo for maintaining a healthy scalp.”

Enough said.

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