Does scratching make dandruff worse?

Top Tips for sensitive scalps

We sat down with our scalp experts for a thorough Q&A. Here’s what they had to say on the delicate – literally – subject of sensitive scalps!

What causes a delicate scalp?

“A sensitive scalp is one that reacts more strongly to external influences than a normal scalp. The problem can be internal, or it can be caused by external factors such as pollution, stress or excessive heat styling” says our expert, Dr Ilyse Lefkowicz.

So, you may be suffering from one and not even realise it. Thankfully head & shoulders shampoos start to work from the very first wash.

What ingredients should I look out for in a shampoo?

“Almost 5 decades of research have enabled the head & shoulders scientists to create ‘Micronized ZPT’. This is a sophisticated technology that dramatically improves the scalp condition – and it’s found in every single product in the range,” says Dr Sian Morris.

In fact, head & shoulders were the first to introduce the ZPT ingredient to care for your scalp, though others have since followed suit.

Can I over-wash my hair?

“Not really”, says Dr Sian Morris, “so long as you use mild, effective products, washing daily with a mild shampoo removes dirt and build up.”

 Is heat good or bad?

Too much heat can irritate a sensitive scalp. Men are particularly guilty of hot, ultra-invigorating showers. If you are too, go for a shampoo with an uplifting fragrance for the same in-shower ‘wake-up call’ that won’t stress your scalp. 

What about a quick fix?


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“If you use products that are mild and effective, such as head & shoulders shampoos and conditioners, you can wash your hair every day,” says Dr Sian Morris.

Should I avoid anything else?

“Try not to rub your scalp or fiddle with your hair when you’re stressed or worried” says celebrity stylist Peter Lux. “Tie it back instead. Fiddling too much with your hair and scalp can generate stress for both. You can still create a chic office look even with a pony tail. The secret is in the hair ‘bungees’ that professional hairdressers use. They’re elastic ponytail bands but with a little grip on either end, and they allow you to create a much tighter, more secure ponytail that will look super-groomed. Every woman should have one.”

Any tips for healthy looking hair?

Take a hair-holiday. Every once in a while, wash your hair and then allow it to air-dry naturally. Especially when you’re in the countryside, where there’s less dirt and pollution. Though make sure you do it when it’s warm.

Is sunshine good for my scalp?

The skin on your scalp isn’t much different from skin elsewhere on your body. Too much UV light is bad, so if it’s a hot, sunny day, pop on a hat or pretty scarf when you’re out and about.

Any other hints and tips?

Most definitely. Treat yourself to natural, breathable pillows and pure silk or cotton pillowcases. They rub less and also allow your scalp to ‘breathe’.

After all you deserve a little luxury.

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