You CAN enjoy rainy days

You CAN enjoy rainy days

Don’t fret about a foul forecast. Instead, see wintry days indoors as a brilliant chance to relax, recharge your batteries and get sorted at home

It’s time we stopped moaning about our changeable climate and started looking on the bright side – even when it’s cold and grey outside. There are lots of things to do on a rainy day

1. Kick back with some me-time

If the bad weather means putting two out of three of your chores on hold, get the one remaining task completed quickly and use the rest of your time for chilling out. After all, you’ll need that revived energy when you can get back out again!

• First of all, you need to get used to letting go. Relax at home with simple techniques.
• For 30 minutes of valuable down time, Turn your bathtime into a spa break.
• If the kids are home too, turn an exercise session into something fun with our Ballroom and Latin dance home workout.

2. Turn ‘bored’ into ‘busy’

When the rain puts a stop to a trip to the park or an after-school football match, here are a few good ways for keeping the kids busy.

• Get the children to make their own dinner with our easy family cooking ideas, from homemade hamburgers to pizza letters: Five recipes for kids to make.
• Spread out some old sheets of newspaper and get the kids started on an art project. Don’t worry if you don’t have art supplies; here’s how to Make your own fingerpaint.
• Pull on the wellies and get outside for some fresh air. With our Fun outdoor activities whatever the weather, the kids will be so occupied there won’t be time to get cold and grumpy!


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3. Make your space ace

If you can’t get outside, use your time to make inside lovely!

• If the family is at home too, why not turn cleaning into a fun game? Find out how in our article Trick your kids into tidying up.
• You’re unlikely to have the materials to hand in order to take on major DIY home projects, but here are some lovely little wins you can achieve in one soggy afternoon: 30-minute home decorating ideas.
• If you’ve got older children stuck indoors too, why not have a go at some fab, cheap makeover ideas like our 5 cosy autumn interior design ideas for under £10.

If you have to go out…

Here are some ways to deal with the drizzle if you can’t stay in.

• Got to get to work? Take a spare pair of tights to change into and a flask of your favourite coffee or hot chocolate to cheer up break time.
• Kids spent too much time on the sofa? Put on raincoats and go outside – get a cup and a ruler to measure rainfall, watch how the clouds change shape and how far trees are bending in the wind, then go online when you’re back indoors and find out what it all means. The Met Office kids web pages helps turn bad weather into fun science!
• Need to get the shopping done? Take a spare plastic shopping bag for your raincoat so you can take it off when you’re in hot and stuffy shops.

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