Your daughter’s period – pads, tampons or panty liners?

Your daughter’s period – pads, tampons or panty liners?

Check out this at-a-glance guide to the different feminine hygiene products so you can help your daughter decide what she wants to use during her period and through the month.

As well as explaining the changes of puberty to your daughter, you will also be the most important help to her as she decides how to approach this major change. You’ll find Periods FAQs really useful for answers to the questions she’s likely to come to you with.


Most girls prefer using a sanitary towel when they first start their periods because they don’t seem as ‘invasive’ as tampons. Plus pads make it a bit easier for your daughter to see how much she is bleeding and get used to that.

  1. Buy a pack of pads and explain to her why there are a range of different sizes for lighter and heavier flow days.
  2. It’s good for you to show her how to fit the pad into a pair of knickers rather than leaving her to figure it out for herself.
  3. Suggest she keep a couple of pads and a spare pair of knickers discreetly tucked away in her school bag while she gets into the habit.



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Once your daughter has started her period her body is ready for tampons, but they might seem tricky at first so let her opt for them in her own time. One of the big advantages is that seem more discreet. They also mean she can still even go swimming.

  1. Buy a pack and show her how to insert a tampon.
  2. Explain to her how the different sizes work and why it’s important to change tampons regularly.
  3. You might need to reassure her that using tampons doesn’t affect her virginity and that they don’t hurt.


Panty liners are designed for everyday protection just for additional freshness and can be used between periods. Slim to use, they can offer reassurance and are now packaged in a variety of styles to suit all kinds of underwear.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about having the period conversation, get a few tips first from out article, Puberty talk – a little less embarrassing.

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