Living with sensitive bladder?

One in three women have sensitive bladder, but with the right help, they can still do what they love and get the most from life.

A sensitive bladder is something many women have in common. And yet, it still remains a taboo subject and source of embarrassment that stops most from living their lives fully. Always Discreet is specially designed to help protect you from embarrassing leaks, so you can laugh, sneeze, cough and exercise without worrying.

Every product is dermatologically tested and comes with OdourLockTM technology to help keep you fresh all day long. Whether you prefer liners, pads or pants, there is a product for everyone’s needs.

For a few drops

Always Discreet Liners are thin, flexible and as the name suggests – truly discreet. If you experience only a few drops and little dampness, these are perfect for you. They also come with a unique DualLock core to help lock away wetness and odour at the same time.

For occasional leakage

Always Discreet Pads+ are perfect if leaks only happen occasionally – usually when an unexpected cough or sneeze comes your way. Every pad has a DualLock core, is individually wrapped and can be closed again for the ultimate discretion.

For frequent leaks

Always Discreet Pads+ are designed for frequent leaks in medium intensity, and when lighter pads are not enough. These pads also come with a DualLock core and full length LeakGuardsTM.

For sudden urges

Always Discreet Pants have soft, high waistbands that comfortably follow your body’s curves. With a thin Triple Layer Core and double LeakGuardsTM, these pants are made for sudden urges and larger amounts.

If you’re still unsure about which product is right for you, why not order free samples of those you would like to try?

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