3 ways to refresh your home for spring

3 ways to refresh your home for spring

Outside, nature is refreshing itself, just like a re-birth, and you should do the same inside your home. Here are a few smart tips how to re-freshen your interiors.


Redecorating by using colours of the nature outside is most effective. Pick some flowers, put them in a vase, and, based on the colours, play around with pillow covers, napkins, table cloths or picture frames. Our favourites? Lavender, any kind of Greens (vibrant or dark) or yellows, letting in sunshine and nature. White, and pastels such Salmon Rose is inviting and happy.


Clean, flowery scents and fresh air can bring a fresh spirit into your rooms. Use flowers, organic scents and your preferred choice of aromatic candles. Verbena, lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang, ginger, lemon or lemongrass will let the sunshine in and bring nature closer.

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After you cleaned your home, it’s time to refresh the fabrics. You can do that after re-decorating, but perhaps before is more time-efficient. Start by gathering and sorting the laundry: wash blankets, sheets, table cloths, wash cloths, pillow cases, curtains etc. To match your refreshed home with a great fresh scent, try Ariel. After finding your favourite scent, you will find that Ariel gives you freshness and good cleaning at a great price. Just what you need.

And finally, celebrate the freshness by sitting back and relaxing, enjoying nice home-made lemonade.

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